Fibres & Paper 2030
Fibres & Paper 2030
Shaping a sustainable future

Continuing the success story of paper

The paper market is in transition. Which future business opportunities, application areas and markets are already visible today? First examples of paper or fibre-based materials in new products and applications can be found in sectors like building, robotics or light-weight construction, but it will take a lot of further research to establish them in industry – which offers also enormous chances.

In January 2014, the paper industry launched the “Fibres & Paper 2030“  project to identify concrete options and courses of action for the future. The project was a journey through time supported by the German Pulp and Paper Association, Association of Paper Converting and Plastics Processing Industries and Paper Technology Research Association and carried out together with the Cluster Paper & Fibres as partner.  “Travel guide” was Thomas Strobel from the company FENWIS (

Our special thanks go to the core project team comprised of managers and senior executives from the paper chain, for identifying the sector’s main fields of action, business chances and attractive markets in many intense discussions. Based on their results, companies can develop new ideas together with competent partners to design innovative, previously unthinkable applications for fibre-based materials.

Paper is a bio-based material obtainable from renewable resources that will certainly find its place also in tomorrow’s world - have a look at the results in our online brochure

Prof. Dr. Frank Miletzky
Spokesman of the board, PTS